The school provides a broad and balanced course of study that is a combination of subjects supported by the National Curriculum alongside Ilm Studies. The curriculum is such so that it enriches learning experiences however at the same time is appropriately relevant to the ethos of the school. High standards are expected across both areas of study.

Public Examinations

Students will be expected to acquire GCSE's, the following will be options however this list is not exhaustive:
English Lang
English Lit
Core Science
Additional Science
Religious Studies

Ilm Course and Non advanced Islamic Studies

The course is designed to offer students an insight into the correct teachings of Islam and how this can be adopted in daily practices whilst living cohesively in modern British society. Students gain confidence in living as positive, Muslim British citizens. In pursuit of this objective the study of Quranic and hadith texts are explored.

The main mediums for teaching this area are English, Urdu and Arabic. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of the Urdu language.