Students will be given homework and expected to return it on time completed. In order to assist in the student's academic education, parental cooperation is essential.

Academic Performance

School issues annual reports to parents informing results at the end of each academic year. School is subject to Ofsted inspections.


Lunchtime is from 12-12.40pm. Parents will be required to provide their children with a balanced and healthy packed lunch. Alternatively those parents wanting a warm lunch for their child can order lunches through the external caterer responsible for supplying the school. Information on these can be taken from the office on request.


Pupils will be expected to attend punctually throughout the school year. Leave will not be granted for family holidays during term time. All such vacations will have to be arranged within the school holidays. All medical appointments should be made outside of school times. Details of the school holidays will be passed on to parents at the beginning of the school year.


Man was created to serve his Lord and thus, "The Prophet (saw) ordered the believers to teach Salah to the children at the age of seven so they are able to fulfil their purpose in life." In conjunction with this, all students will be expected to observe Salah at school and at home.